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Modern Coin

Dalam 2 dvd yang bisa diputer di dvd player wow...



Coin Concealments
- Classic Palm
- Edge Palm
- Thumb Palm
- Downs Palm
- Finger Palm
- Front Finger Hold
- Back Palm
- Back Finger Clip
- Back Thumb Palm

Basic Techniques
- The Bobo Switch
- Utility Switch
- One-Hand Switch
- Show-judah Coin Switch
- The Coin Flip
- Change-Over Pass
- The Bottom Steal
- Producing A Coin From A Spectator's Clothing
- Taking Advantage Of A Fumble 1&2

Coin Vanishes part one
- Standard Vanish
- Simple Vanish
- Over The Top
- Tunnel Vanish
- Thumb Palm Vanish
- Drop Vanish
- Bobo Coin Vanish
- Slide Vanish
- Illusive Coin Pass
- A Coin Vanish
- Pinch Vanish
- Gone

Coin Vanishes part two
- New Era Coin Go
- Flyaway Coin
- Behind The Back
- French Drop
- Reverse French Drop
- Wrist Watch Vanish
- Pulse Trick
- Cranium Vanish
- Vanish With The Aid Of A Handkerchief
- "Head" And "Tails" Vanish
- Vanish For Several Coin
- A Trio Of Vanishes

Bonus Menu
- Spellbound
- Edge Grip
- Curl Palm
- Muscle Pass
- French Drop Switch
- J.W.Vanish
- Ramsey Subtlety
- Kaps Subtlety
- Spider Vanish
- Tenkai Pinch
- Kaps Palm To Palm Switch
- Strike Vanish


2 MODERN COIN { dvd2 }

Complete Coin Vanishes
- Bobo Complete Coin Vanish
- Complete Thumb Palm Vanish
- Knee-zy Vanish
- Sucker Vanish
- Pocket Vanish
- With A Handkerchief #1
- With A Handkerchief #2
- With A Handkerchief #3
- In A Spectator's Pocket #1
- In A Spectator's Pocket #2
- In A Spectator's Pocket #3
- Bluff Vanish
- Sucker Bluff Vanish
- The Coin Fold
- The Envelope Vanish

Quick Tricks part one
- Through The Leg
- Rubbed Through The Leg
- Through The Pocket #1
- Through The Pocket #2
- Through The Pocket #3
- Through The Hand #1
- Through The Hand #2
- Through The Hand #3
- Through A Handkerchief #1
- Through A Handkerchief #2
- Double Penetration
- Pants Leg Miracle
- Half Dollar To Quarter

Quick Tricks part two
- The Charmed Coin
- Coin Of Metamorphosis
- Coin To Key
- Change For A half
- Much From Little
- Smart Coin Trick
- Impromtu Version
- The Switchover
- The Appearing half
- Coin Production from 2 cards
- The Touch Of midas
- One To Four
- One To Six


The Art Of Sleeving part one
- The Art Of Sleeving
- Delay Action Sleeving
- Improved Method
- "Pumkin Seed" Vanish
- Reverse "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish
- The Catapult
- Judah Method
- A Unique Sleeving Move
- The Throw
- Kort Method
- Kirk Stiles Method
- Method For Sleeving One Of Several Coins

The Art Of Sleeving part two
- Dr. EM Roberts Method
- Loading
- Migration
- Transposition
- Devaluation
- Inflation
- Transformation
- Dime & Penny For The Wiseacre
- A Novel Vanish & Reproduction
- Splitting The Atom
- Die To Time





isi dvd bonus

david stone - basic coin magic 1
david stone - basic coin magic 2
david stone - basic coin magic 3
revolutionary coin magi by kevin Parker
trus bonus ecek2 dari sulap ringan sampe demo sulap doang total ada 38 file video.
total semua ada 3,8GB mayan bwat cuci mata heee...

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-[Be an Unordinary Person that Woman Love]-

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ni beberapa list serta keterangannya...

Card in Balloon
Coke Balance
Ultimate 2 Card Monte
Aces In Their Faces
Belly of The Beast (by Jay Sankey)
Boa Coin Bender
Bottled Up!
Cigarette Up The Nose
Coin Squeeze
Cut and Restored Rope
Daley Show
Do as I Do
Eye of The Tiger
Graffiti (by Jay Sankey)
Impossible Matrix
Jazz Aces
Jokers Wild
Long Distance Spinner
Trik ini bisa jadi menjadi favorit semua pesulap kartu. Bahkan Oz Pearlman pun Mambo #5
Matrix Re-Minted
Mind Controller
Mystery Card
One Handed Card Shuffle
Out of This World
Pyro Penetration
Quick Trick!
Red Hot Mamacita
Rising Card Deck
Scotch and Soda
Shotgun Aces
Sponge Balls
Starry Eyed Surprise
The Kicker
The Pen is Mightier (by Jay Sankey)
Thumb Tip
Twisted Sisters
Two Dollar Window
Ultimate 3 Card Monte
Zip, Snap and Inversion Somersault by Brian Tudor
Art of Card Manipulation vol 01-03 by Jeff McBride
Easy To Master Card Miracle by Michael Ammar
Ninja 2 by Brad Christian
Fooler Doolers Vol 01-03 by Daryl
Revolutionary Coin Magic by Jay Sankey
Ultimate Impromtu Magic by Dan Harlan
3D Cash
Amazing Secrets of Card Magic by Michael Ammar
How To Do Street Magic by Brad Christian
Master Mind Vol 1 by Criss Angel
Sankey-Tised (Close Up Miracles) by Jay Sankey
Criss Angel - Walk Through The Window
Secrets of Street Magician Part 01-05
An Amazingly Simple Rubber Band Trick
Cap In Bottle
Circle Dot
Cut and Restored String
Floating Cup
Impossible Cups
Magic Wand Trick
Pull Off Thumb
Rope Through Chairleg
Secret of The Magic Cups and Balls by Penn and Teller
Sponge Ball
The Famous Cups and Balls
The Pen Vanish
Toothpick Magic by Zaid Yama and Lemar
Thumb Around
Visual Straw
B2 Bomber Pen
Coin Through Table
EZ Money
French Drop Tutorial
How To Roll A Coin Down Your Fingers
Melting Point
Quick Coin Trick
Zeno Coin
3 Ways To Make A Fake Shuffle
Color Change
Double Lift
Intermediate Magic - The Ambitious Card Part One & Two
Slap Change
Wipe Change Two
IV-b. XCMers
3 Openers
From Tricks4U.com - Jamz Sybil Cards
From Tricks4U.com - Lizard Display
From Tricks4U.com - Mantis & 5-Alive
From Tricks4U.com - Remember The Name
From Tricks4U.com - Trip Hop
XCM - 12 Display
XCM - AliasV2 Display
XCM - Hot Shot Cut Variation
XCM - Johnny B's Six Way
XCM - O-Rounded
XCM - Spin Swivel Cut
XCM - Triple Swirl Cut
Others Extreme Card Move from Extreme card Magic for XCMers

IV-c. The Real Card Trick
Acrobatic Aces
Awesome Card Trick
Bizzare Twist
Card From Knowhere
Card To Pocket
Card Warp
David Blaine Trick Card
Emerge Almost Triumphant
Find A Card
In And Out of Row
Jumping Kings
Machine Gun
Magic Aces
McDonald Aces
Rise To The Top
Snap Vanish
Stripper Deck
Travelling Aces
Two Card Monte
Wave Change
Magic Trick Revealed episode I - The 3 Card Monte
Magic Trick Revealed episode II - The Coin Bitting
Magic Trick Revealed episode III - The Floating Card
Magic Trick Revealed episode IV - Synergy
Magic Trick Revealed episode V - The Coin Transportation
Magic Trick Revealed episode VI - Balducci Levitation
Magic Trick Revealed episode VII - The Humming Bird Card
I. Basic Card Skill
3 Card Forces
Elmsley & Jordan Count
Force A Card
In Jog Shuffle 01
Jog Shuffle 02
Overhand Pass
Poker Cheats
Ribbon Spread
The Pass
190 Helix Cut 01
190 Helix Cut 02
Addo06 - Card Spin
Basic Cut
Blaze Cut
Breakaway Cut
Cardini Cut
Cobra Cut
Crazy Cut
Divided Swing Cut
Elevator Cut
GD Cut
Great False Cut
Knight Cut
Launched 1
Long Distance Spinner
One Hand Paroah Shuffle
Revolutionary Cut
Simple Sybil
Sliver Cut
Sybil Cut
The Flip Cut
The Flip Flop Cut
The UnorthodoX Display Series
TheCuso's 7axophone Display
TheCuso's Crazy Cuts Sybil
TheCuso's Flip Cut
TheCuso's Spin Card
TheCuso's Vertical Flip (Spin Tutorial)
Urban Sibyle
Wolf Cut
10 Divided By Two
Aces Card Trick
Addo06 - Card Flick Colour Change
Addo06 - Houdini Colour Change
Anoying Trick
Card Change
Card Levitation Tutorial (Totally Diff Version)
Card Shark - Explanations
Card Thru Window
Card To Coin
Common Colour Change
Curry Turnover Change
Easy Card Trick
Fan Cover Change
Flix Spin Card Change
Hide and Seek
Jazzy Jacks
hand Found
Mis Mash Card Box
Print Off
Queens Daily Show
Revolution Aces
Rising Card
Slap Trick
Spin Change
The Drop Change
The Fly Color Change
The Shake Change
The Zim - Ego Change
The Zim - Jumping Gemini
The Zim - The Elevator
Torn and Restored 01
Torn and Restored 02
Ungimicked Invisible Deck and Torhed.
Wave the Aces
Close Up Tricks
2D Dice
Box Rattle 01
Box Rattle 02
Cigarette Magic Trick
Cup Vanish
Cyril Cigarette Routine
Disappear Card and Show Trains Tickets
Easy Rubber Band Trick
Pen Production
Pencil Through Bill
Pretzel Fusion & The Ring Finger by G.A
Ring Thing
Rubber Band Penetration
Rubber Band Vanish
Sponge Ball 01
Sponge Ball 02
Standing Match
The Copy Ball
Torn & Restored Newspaper
Unbreakable Match
Coin & Money Trick
3 Tricks With A Quarter
99 Cent
A Complete Coin Vanish by Tim David
Back From The Dead
Cleanest Vanish
Coin Matrix (Without Cards)
Coin Production and Vanishing
Coin Thru Bottle
Coin Thru Glass
Coin Warp
Continous Coin Production
Half Dollar Coin Disappear
How To Do A Fake Coin Toss
How To Make A Raven Gimmick
How To Turn A Flame Into A Half Dollar
Paddle Coins
Paper To Coin
Revolution Coin Vanish
Ripped Coin
Sinful (Coin Thru Can)
Snap Vanish
The Changing Bills
The Cuso's Muscle Pass
The Great Coin Trick
The Matrix Revealed
Very Easy Coin Vanish
Learn It From The Master
A Presentation of The Hover Card by Ellusionist
Acidus Novus - Peek in Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
Card Sharp by Brian Tudor part 01-03
Changeling by Max Maven
Criss Angel Trick Cops So Easily
Spectator Peek by Daryl
Mental Magic
Impossible Spoon Twist
Interactive Magic Trick 01
Interactive Magic Trick 02
Liquid Metal
Magic Fork Break
Radar Hands by Tim David
Self Levitation by Tim David
X-Tra Bonus
2 Card Tricks for Beginners
3 Great Magic Tricks
Magicaly Multiply Your Money : Trik menggandakan uang koin
Penetrating Handkerchief : Saputangan yang menembus gelas
Thumb Escape : Sulap dengan karet gelang
Magic Tricks For Beginners
5 Trik sederhana, sekedar untuk menghibur orang-orang terdekatmu
Coin Melt Through Table : Koin menembus meja
The Flick Switch : Mengubah kartu dengan jentikan jari
Card Control "The Pass" : Teknik mengontrol kartu.
Card Force : Memaksa penonton untuk memilih kartu yang kamu inginkan.
Coin Vanish "French Drop": Lagi-lagi membuktikan kegunaan teknik French Drop.

MAGIC TRICKS (Rating : Easy to Mid):
• Card in Hand
• Here then There
• World's Fastest Card Trick
• Read Minds
• Mind reach
• Card in Mouth
• Wave the Aces
• Biddle Trick
Bonus Trick (Rating : Easy to Mid):• Lightning Coin Vanish
• Sponge Ball Vanish
• Ultimate French Drop
• Bonus Flourishes


dvd 1

Amazing Secrets Of Card Magic by Michael Ammar
Fooler Doolers volume 1 Daryl
Fooler Doolers volume 2 Daryl
hipnotis 1 ( DR lazaridi )
The Art of Card Manipulation Volume 1
The Art of Card Manipulation Volume 2
The Art of Card Manipulation Volume 3 by Jeff McBride cd 2

dvd 2

Magic Secret Compilation Part 2
3 Card Forces.flv
Elmsley & Jordan Count.flv
False Dealing.flv
Force A Card.flv
In Jog Shuffle 01.flv
In Jog Shuffle 02.flv
Overhand Pass.flv
Poker Cheats.flv
Ribbon Spread.flv
The Pass.flv

3 Ply.flv
A Card Flourish.flv
Addo06 - Card Spin.flv
Basic Cut.flv
Blaze Cut.flv
Breakaway Cut.flv
Cardini Cut.flv
Cobra Cut.flv
Crazy Cut.flv
Divided Swing Cut.flv
3 Elevator Cut.flv
GD Cut.flv
Great False Cut.flv
Knight Cut.flv
Launched 1.flv
Long Distance Spinner.flv
One Hand Paroah Shuffle.flv
Revolutionary Cut.flv
Simple Sybil.flv
Sliver Cut.flv
Sybil Cut.flv
The Flip Cut.flv
The Flip Flop Cut.flv
The UnorthodoX Display Series.flv
TheCuso's 7axophone Display.flv
TheCuso's Crazy Cuts Sybil.flv
TheCuso's Flip Cut.flv
TheCuso's Spin Card.flv
TheCuso's Vertical Flip (Spin Tutorial).flv
TST (Thumb Standing Triangle).flv
Urban Sibyle.flv
Wolf Cut.flv

10 Divided By Two.flv
Aces Card Trick.flv
Addo06 - Card Flick Colour Change.flv
Addo06 - Houdini Colour Change.flv
Anoying Trick.flv
Card Change.flv
Card Levitation Tutorial (Totally Diff Version).flv
Card Shark - Explanations.flv
Card Thru Window.flv
Card To Coin.flv
Common Colour Change.flv
Curry Turnover Change.flv
Easy Card Trick.flv
Fan Cover Change.flv
Flix Spin Card Change.flv
Hide and Seek.flv
Jazzy Jacks.flv
Lost and Found.flv
Mis Mash Card Box.flv
Print Off.flv
Queens Daily Show.flv
Revolution Aces.flv
Rising Card.flv
Simple Magic Trick.flv
Slap Trick.flv
Spin Change.flv
The Drop Change.flv
The Fly Color Change (Effect).flv
The Fly Color Change (Explanation).flv
The Shake Change.flv
The Zim - Ego Change.flv
The Zim - Jumping Gemini.flv
The Zim - The Elevator.flv
Torn and Restored 01.flv
Torn and Restored 02.flv
Ungimicked Invisible Deck and Torhed.flv
Wave the Aces.flv

2D Dice.flv
Box Rattle 01.flv
Box Rattle 02.flv
Cigarette Magic Trick.flv
Cup Vanish.flv
Cyril Cigarette Routine.flv
Disappear Card and Show Trains Tickets.flv
Easy Rubber Band Trick.flv
Pen Production.flv
Pencil Through Bill.flv
Pretzel Fusion & The Ring Finger by G.A.flv
Ring Thing.flv
Rubber Band Penetration.flv
Rubber Band Vanish.flv
Sponge Ball 01.flv
Sponge Ball 02.flv
Standing Match.flv
The Copy Ball.flv
Torn & Restored Newspaper.flv
Unbreakable Match.flv

3 Tricks With A Quarter.flv
99 Cent.flv
A Complete Coin Vanish by Tim David.flv
Back From The Dead.flv
Cleanest Vanish.flv
Coin Matrix (Without Cards).flv
Coin Production and Vanishing.flv
Coin Thru Bottle.flv
Coin Thru Glass.flv
Coin Warp.flv
Continous Coin Production.flv
Half Dollar Coin Disappear .flv
How To Do A Fake Coin Toss.flv
How To Make A Raven Gimmick.flv
How To Turn A Flame Into A Half Dollar.flv
Paddle Coins.flv
Paper To Coin.flv
Revolution Coin Vanish.flv
Ripped Coin.flv
Sinful (Coin Thru Can).flv
Snap Vanish.flv
The Changing Bills.flv
The Cuso's Muscle Pass.flv
The Great Coin Trick.flv
The Matrix Revealed.flv
Very Easy Coin Vanish.flv

A Presentation of The Hover Card by Ellusionist.flv
Acidus Novus - Peek in Stigmata by Wayne Houchin.flv
Card Sharp by Brian Tudor Part 1.flv
Card Sharp by Brian Tudor Part 2.flv
Card Sharp by Brian Tudor Part 3.flv
Changeling by Max Maven.flv
Criss Angel Trick Cops So Easily.flv
Spectator Peek by Daryl.flv

2 Card Tricks for Beginners.flv
3 Great Magic Tricks.flv
Magic Tricks For Beginners.flv

Magic_Secret Compilation Part 1

Criss Angel - Walk Through The Window.flv
Secrets of Street Magician Part 01.flv
Secrets of Street Magician Part 02.flv
Secrets of Street Magician Part 03.flv
Secrets of Street Magician Part 04.flv
Secrets of Street Magician Part 05.flv

An Amazingly Simple Rubber Band Trick.flv
Cap In Bottle 01.flv
Cap In Bottle 02.flv
Cut and Restored String.flv
Floating Cup.flv
From Tricks4U - Circle Dot.flv
From Tricks4U - Thumb Around.flv
Impossible Cups.flv
Magic Wand Trick.flv
Pull Off Thumb.flv
Rope Through Chairleg.flv
Secret of The Magic Cups and Balls by Penn and Teller.flv
Sponge Ball.flv
The Famous Cups and Balls.flv
The Pen Vanish.flv
Toothpick Magic by Zaid Yama and Lemar.flv
Visual Straw by Vincent Copperfield (HK).flv

B2 Bomber Pen.flv
Coin Through Table.flv
EZ Money.flv
French Drop Tutorial.flv
How To Roll A Coin Down Your Fingers.flv
Melting Point.flv
Quick Coin Trick.flv
Zeno Coin.flv

3 Ways To Make A Fake Shuffle.flv
Color Change.flv
Double Lift.flv
Intermediate Magic - The Ambitious Card Part One.flv
Intermediate Magic - The Ambitious Card Part Two.flv
Six Basic Top Card Force.flv
Slap Change.flv
Wipe Change Two.flv

XCM - 12 Display.flv
XCM - 3 Openers.flv
XCM - AliasV2 Display.flv
XCM - Hot Shot Cut Variation.flv
XCM - Johnny B's Six Way.flv
XCM - O-Rounded.flv
XCM - Spin Swivel Cut.flv
XCM - Triple Swirl Cut.flv
XCM From Tricks4U - Jamz Sybil Cards.flv
XCM From Tricks4U - Lizard Display.flv
XCM From Tricks4U - Mantis & 5-Alive.flv
XCM From Tricks4U - Remember The Name.flv
XCM From Tricks4U - Trip Hop.flv

Acrobatic Aces.flv
Awesome Card Trick.flv
Bizzare Twist.flv
Card From Knowhere.flv
Card To Pocket.flv
Card Warp.flv
David Blaine Trick Card.flv
Emerge Almost Triumphant.flv
Find A Card.flv
In And Out of Row.flv
Jumping Kings.flv
Machine Gun.flv
Magic Aces.flv
McDonald Aces.flv
Rise To The Top.flv
Simple Card Levitation.flv
Snap Vanish.flv
Stripper Deck (No Gimmick Version).flv
The I LOVE YOU.flv
This n That .flv
Travelling Aces.flv
Two Card Monte.flv
Wave Change.flv

Magic Trick Revealed episode I - The 3 Card Monte.flv
Magic Trick Revealed episode II - The Coin Bitting.flv
Magic Trick Revealed episode III - The Floating Card.flv
Magic Trick Revealed episode IV - Synergy.flv
Magic Trick Revealed episode V - The Coin Transportation.flv
Magic Trick Revealed episode VI - Balducci Levitation.flv
Magic Trick Revealed episode VII - The Humming Bird Card.flv

Master_Mind by Criss Angel


- Aces In Their Faces.wmv
- Belly of The Beast by Jay Sankey.wmv
- Boa Coin Bender.wmv
- Bottled Up!.wmv
- Brainwave.mpg
- Cigarette Up The Nose.wmv
- Coin Squeeze.wmv
- Countdown.wmv
- Cut and Restored Rope.wmv
- Daley Show.wmv
- Do as I Do.wmv
- Dough.wmv
- Eye of the Tiger.wmv
- Graffiti by Jay Sankey.mpg
- Impossible Matrix.wmv
- Jazz Aces.wmv
- Jokers Wild.wmv
- Long Distance Spinner.wmv
- Mambo #5.wmv
- Matrix Re-Minted .wmv
- Matrix.wmv
- Mind Controller by Mark Thorold.wmv
- Mystery Card.wmv
- One Handed Card Shuffle.wmv
- Out of This World.wmv
- Pyro Penetration.wmv
- Quick Trick!.wmv
- Red Hot Mamacita.wmv
- Redux.wmv
- Renegade.wmv
- Revolver.wmv
- Ricochet.wmv
- Rising Card Deck.wmv
- Scotch and Soda.wmv
- Shotgun Aces.wmv
- Sponge Balls.wmv
- Starry Eyed Surprise.wmv
- The Kicker.wmv
- The Pen is Mightier by Jay Sankey.wmv
- The Vanishing Hank (Thumb Tip).wmv
- Transp-Oz-Ition.wmv
- Twisted Sisters.wmv
- Two Dollar Window.wmv
- Ultimate 3 Card Monte.wmv
- Zip, Snap, And Inversion Somersault by Brian Tudor.wmv

David Blaine's Mega Magic.exe
Fearsons Aces.exe
Poltergeist Spoon.pdf
Self Folding Bill.exe

Card In Balloon Trick.wmv
Card In Balloon Tutorial.wmv
Coke Balance Trick.wmv
Coke Balance Tutorial.wmv
Ultimate 2 Card Monte.wmv

The Revolutionary Coin Magic volume 1 Of Jay Sankey
The Revolutionary Coin Magic volume 2 Of Jay Sankey

dvd 3

Fooler Doolers Volume 2 by Daryl cd 1

Fooler Doolers Volume 2 by Daryl cd 2

Fooler Doolers Volume 3 by Daryl cd 1

Fooler Doolers Volume 3 by Daryl cd 2

Magic compilation
3D Cash
-Double Up
-Spend Thrift
-Working Down
-Working Up
-The Gimmick
-Final Thoughts

How To Do Street Magic

Sankey-Tised 2 ( the close-ip Miracles Of Jay Sankey

The Art of Card Manipulation Volume 3 by Jeff McBride cd 1

Ultimate Impromptu Magic volume 1 by Dan Harlans cd 1

dvd 4

Ultimate Impromptu Magic volume 1 by Dan Harlans cd 2

Penguin Magic
Penguin Magic - 20 Effects With The Raven - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - 20 Effects with The Raven - Explanation.AVI
Penguin Magic - Acrobatic Silks - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Acrobatic Silks - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Astral Projection by Jay Sankey Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Astral Projection by Jay Sankey.wmv
Penguin Magic - Blizzard - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Blizzard.wmv
Penguin Magic - Classic Force - Explanation.mpg
Penguin Magic - Classic Force.wmv
Penguin Magic - Countdown Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Countdown.wmv
Penguin Magic - Crazy Cube Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Crazy Cube.wmv
Penguin Magic - Daley Show Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Daley Show.wmv
Penguin Magic - Delirium - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Delirium.wmv
Penguin Magic - Dishonest Abe by Gregory Wilson - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Dishonest Abe by Gregory Wilson - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Do As I Do Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Do As I Do.wmv
Penguin Magic - Invisible Deck - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Invisible Deck.wmv
Penguin Magic - Killer Key Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mambo # 5 Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mambo # 5.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mental Photography Deck Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mental Photography Deck.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mind Controller by Mark Thorold Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mini Course In Watch Stealing - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mystery Card - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Mystery Card.wmv
Penguin Magic - One Handed Card Shuffle - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - One Handed Card Shuffle.wmv
Penguin Magic - Out Of This World Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Out of this World.wmv
Penguin Magic - Snowstorm by Jay Sankey Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Snowstorm by Jay Sankey.wmv
Penguin Magic - Sponge Balls - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Sponge Balls Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Starry Eyed Surprise - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Starry Eyed Surprise by Oz Pearlman - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Stripper Deck - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Stripper Deck Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Synergy - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Synergy Explaination.wmv
Penguin Magic - The Daley Show (Tutorial).wmv
Penguin Magic - The Daley Show - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - The Hitman Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - The Hitman.wmv
Penguin Magic - The Matrix Re-Minted.wmv
Penguin Magic - Torn But Not Forgotten Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Torn But Not Forgotten.wmv
Penguin Magic - Twisted Sisters (Explanation).wmv
Penguin Magic - Twisted Sisters - Effect.wmv
Penguin Magic - Zip, Snap, And Inversion Somersault By Brian Tudor - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Zip, Snap, and Inversion Somersault by Brian Tudor.wmv

Page 1
190 Helix Cut Tutorial.wmv
21 Card Tricks.wmv
3 Card Monte.wmv
a Few Amazing Tricks.wmv
ACE TRICK Revealed.wmv
Acrobatic Aces Tutorial!.wmv
Amaze Card Trick.wmv
Amazing Card Trick Revealed - 4 Aces On Top.wmv
Amazing Card Tricks Explained.wmv
Another David Blaine Card Tricks.wmv
Appearing Card Trick Revealed By Graham.wmv
Asher Twist The Explanation!.wmv
Bar Tricks Part II.wmv
Bottle Cap Through Bottle REVEALED.wmv
Brisan -Long distance Spinner Tutorial.wmv
Broom levitation explanation.wmv
Card Change Tutorial.wmv
Card Floruish _ O-rounded tutorial.wmv

Page 2
Card in balloon explanation.wmv
Card Sharp Explanations part 1.wmv
Card Sharp Explanations part 2.wmv
Card Thru Window 2 Exposed.wmv
Card To Pocket -No Sleights- Tutorial.wmv
Card Transpo.wmv
Cardini Colour Change By Grizzle Effects.wmv
cardsharp explanations part 3.wmv
Change Big to Small Coin.wmv
Cigar Cut And Restored Magic Revealed!!.wmv
Cigar Vanish Exposed. No Need To Use Scotch-Tape. Magic Trick Re.wmv
Cigarette Magic Trick.wmv
Cigarette Vanish Exposed.wmv
Clipped Between.wmv
Coin In Bottle Tutorial.wmv
Coin Magic Trick Revealed.wmv
Coin Magic Tricks.wmv
Coin Matrix V3.wmv
Coin Through the Card.wmv
Coin Thru Table Version 2.wmv

Page 3
Coin Vanish 2.wmv
Coin Vanish Around Spining Hand.wmv
Coin with same Face.wmv
Coin, Glass & Paper Tricks.wmv
Common Colour Change Tutorial.wmv
Cool Magic Trick.wmv
Cool Some Coin Trick.wmv
Criss Angel Teach You How To Make Tooth pick Appear And Dissapear.wmv
Criss Angel Teach You Levitate.wmv
Criss Angel Through Chain Revealed.wmv
Cup Vanish.wmv
Cut And Restored Rope Explanation By Penguin.wmv
Cut N Restored Rope Revealed.wmv
David Blaine Card Trick Revealed.wmv
David Blaine Card Tricks.wmv
David Coperfield Through Body Revealed.wmv
David Copperfield Flying Illusion revealed.wmv
David Copperfield Meta Morphosis Revealed.wmv
Dissapearing Pen.wmv
Dissappear Card and Show Train_s Tickets.wmv

Page 4
Do As I Do -revealed.wmv
Easiest Coin Trick.wmv
Easy Card Trick For Kids (REVEALED) Four Kings.....wmv
Elmsey Jordon Count Explained.wmv
Explanation of a easy card vanish.wmv
Explanation Of Color Monte.wmv
Explanation of Paper 2 Coin a trick i created.wmv
Explanation of Simple Card Levitation.wmv
Eye Of The Tiger.wmv
Faro Shuffle Explained.wmv
Fast Card Change....wmv
Find A Card With Cool Way.wmv
Find Card Fast.wmv
Floating Ball Magic Trick Revealed....wmv
Frequent Flier Explanation.wmv
Great Card Trick Revealed.wmv
Hide and Seek_ card trick tutorial.wmv
How to Balance Glass.wmv

Page 5
How To Bend Spoon.wmv
How to Break The Spoon.wmv
How to Dissapear Like Criss Angel.wmv
How to do Coin Roll.wmv
How To do Pass (Imporvement).wmv
How To Do The Pass.wmv
How to Floating Body In Mid Air.wmv
How to Floating Handkerchief.wmv
How to Floating your body in Mid Air From backside.wmv
How to Make Coin Balance.wmv
How to Make Coin Dissapear And Appear Again.wmv
How to Open Beer with Paper.wmv
Humming Bird Card.wmv
Impossible Card Vanish.wmv
Impossible Spoon Twist ... Magic Trick.wmv
Is The Hand Really Quicker Than The Eye_.wmv
Jazzy Jacks (Aces) Tutorial.wmv
Jokers Wild Explanation.wmv
Learn The Flipper Card.wmv
Learn The Werm.wmv

Page 6
Leaving Home Explanation.wmv
Magic Box Levitation.wmv
Magic Card Change In Second.wmv
Magic Color Change Explained.wmv
Magic Colour Change.wmv
Magic Floating Ball.wmv
Magic For Dummies Vol. 1.wmv
Magic Fork break.wmv
Magic Match Stick.wmv
Magic Multiplying Ball.wmv
Magic Roy Revealed.wmv
Magic Secrets For Beginners.wmv
Magic Wand Trick (LearnMagicTricks.org).wmv
Magnet Coin Vanish Revealed!!.wmv
Make Your Own Raven (under 5 mins).wmv
Masking Magician Part I.wmv
Masking Magician Part II.wmv
Masking Magician Part III.wmv
Masking Magician Part IV.wmv
Masking Magician Part V.wmv

Page 7
Masking Magician teach You Vanishing Coin.wmv
Mind Blower (Moving Card).wmv
Mind Merge card trick with explanation.wmv
Mother Of All Card Tricks.wmv
Moving RubberBands Magic trick.wmv
NOW Poker Trick Revealed! One Hand Cut. Learn It..wmv
One Touch Coin Penetration.wmv
Out Of This World Explanation.wmv
Paddle Coins Magic Trick.wmv
Party Trick with Bottle.wmv
Pen Levitation.wmv
Pen Through Dollar Revealed!.wmv
Penguin Magic - Sponge Balls Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic - Thumb Tip - Explanation.wmv
Penguin Magic.wmv
Penitrating Rubber Bands magic trick.wmv
Pepper Shaker Thru Table.wmv
Quarter Thru Soda Can.wmv
Quick Trick - Explanation.wmv
Real Floating Card.wmv

Page 8
Revelation Aces Tutorial.wmv
Revolver By Penguin.wmv
Ribbon Spread Card Tricks.wmv
Rising Card Ninja Method.wmv
Rising Card+explanation (easy).wmv
Rising Card.wmv
Rope Through Body.wmv
Rubber Bands Trick Revealed!.wmv
Safety Pin Vanish.wmv
Same Colour Card Revealed.wmv
Second Deal Explained.wmv
Seesaw explanation.wmv
Self Opening Candy Box.wmv
Sigrate Pack Vanish Tricks.wmv
Six Basic Top Card Force.wmv
Slap! By David Castle.wmv
Slow Your Heart Down_ Then Stop It Completely.wmv
Snap Change And Twist Explanation.wmv
Snap Vanish Explanation.wmv
Some Tricks With Glass, Matchstick and Coin.wmv

Page 9
Soul Mate Prediction Tutorial.wmv
Soul Mate Prediction.wmv
Spark From Fingertips.wmv
Spinning Card Explained.wmv
Standing match magic trick.wmv
Starry Eyed Surprise By Penguin.wmv
Tenkai Vanish Card explanation.wmv
The Charlier Cut.wmv
The conzo_s Card through window (gimmick) explanation..wmv
The Great Coin Trick.wmv
The Invisible Palm Trick Tutorial!.wmv
The Magic Money Maker, Revealed!.wmv
The Matrix Revealed (card version).wmv
The Real Hustle - The CoinToss Con.wmv
The Shake Change tutorial.wmv
The Synery Magic Revealed.wmv
The Two Dollar Trick.wmv
The Unbreakable Match.wmv
The World Greatest Card Trick.wmv
The _In And Out Of Order_ Trick.wmv

Page 10
Bertram Color change.wmv
Learn the Boomerang card shoot magic trick!.wmv
Scotch & Soda.wmv
TheCuso_s 7axophone display TUTORIAL!.wmv
TheCuso_s Alvy Cut Tutorial.wmv
This _n_ That card trick explanation.wmv
Torn and restored newspaper explanation.wmv
Torn And Restored Rubber Band Magic Trick.wmv
Travelling Aces+ Explanation(my Verson).wmv
Triumph Explanation.wmv
Turn Water Into Ice.wmv
Two Card Monte Swtich.wmv
Underground Bill Switch.wmv
Unlock Handcuffs With A Bobby Pin! Trick Revealed!.wmv
Wild Levitation Revealed.wmv
Zig Zag Lady Illusion Revealed By Masked Magician.wmv

dvd 5

wendi master hypnotis cd 1
wendi master hypnotis cd 2

E book
-Derren Brown-how to get the truth out of anyone
-Hipnotis Praktis Program Cepat 21 Hari
-Hypnosis for Beginners
-Hypnotism & Spells
-Mastering Hypnosis
-Principles of stage Hypnosis
-Ross Jeffries - Hypnotism For Dummies

2 Card Monte
3 Card Monte
3 Ring Tricks
Ace Assembly
Ace Change
Ace Cutter
Appearing Straw
Arm Twist
Ash Tatoo
Audible Card
Ballon Peneration
Behind Glass
Bendy Clip
Big Or Small Card
Birds Of Feather
Body Rope
Bottle through table
Box Vanish
Business Card
Card Fusion
Card Stab Transpo
Card Through ANYTHING
Card to Wallet
Chinese Washing
Cig Vanish
Classic French Drop
Cling Film
Close Up Illusion
Coin And Candy
Coin Fold
Coin Melt
Coin Shirt Vanish
coin through can
Coin Thu Table
Coin Transform
Coin transporter
Coin Vanish 2
Coke Balance
Color Card Switch
Colour Changing Deck
Dissapearing Aces
Dollar Penetration
Escalator Bend
ESP Coins
ESP Deck
Fan Change
Fan Tastic
Fantastic Five
Feel It
Five Forces
Folding Bank Note
Ghost Key
Grandpa As
Halloween Head
Hanky Cup
Heckler Nightmare
Helicopter Cut
Houdini Ring
Impossible Card To Pocket
Impossible Penetration
Impossible Selection
In Case Of Coins
Instant Discovery
Instant Match Box
Invisible Card Turnover
Invisible Jump
Jumping Matches
Karate Chop Banana
Key Vanish
Killer Card Box
Lava Bend
Levitate Beer Mat
Match Break
Match Mouth
McDonalds Aces
Melting Through
Miracle Matchbox
Money Maker
Newspaper Fix
Odyssey Gems
Out Of This World
Palm Change
Pencil And Bank Note
Penetration Failure
PK Pencil
Poker Face
Power Coin Hand
Pyro Flip
Pyro Link
Quarter Trick
Rubber Bands
Sandwich Vanish
Shake Change
Slide Change
Slop Shufle Triumph
Snap Change
Soda Can
Solstice Death Grip
Stop and Change
Straw Balance
Straw Cut
table Change
Tenkai Pennies
The Coin Matrix
The Drop Change
The Eidetic Change
The Floating Note
The Overhand Change
The Rebel card
The Sister Trick
The Spirit Deck
The Twisting Card
The Ultimate Change
This And That
Three Riffle Forces
Time Stop
Torn Card
Trick Switch
Tripple Transpo
Turn Over
Twilight Zone
Twisting the Aces
Two Aces
Two Card Transportation
Ultimate Pen Vanish
Ultimate Reversal
Ungimmicked Monte
Up in their hands
Vanishing Card
Vanishing Pint Glass
Wave Change
Where Is The Card
Wild Card
Wipe Vanish

sulap jablay
Advanced Series ( Genesis )
Axis Color Change
Ninja 1
Interactive Magic - Starting Up
Basic Mechanic Grip and Breaks.wvx
Biddle Trick.wvx
Bonus Flourishes.wvx
Card in Hand.wvx
Card in Mouth.wvx
Cutting the Deck.wvx
Double Lifts.wvx
Here and There.wvx
Jog Control.wvx
Lightning Coin Vanish.wvx
Mind Reach.wvx
Read Minds.wvx
Sponge Ball Vanish.wvx
Ultimate French Drop.wvx
Wave the Aces.wvx
World's Fastest Card Trick.wvx
-Basic Mechanic Grip and Breaks.wmv
-Biddle Trick.wmv
-Bonus Flourishes.wmv
-Card in Hand.wmv
-Card in Mouth.wmv
-Cutting the Deck.wmv
-Double Lifts.wmv
-Here and There.wmv
-Jog Control.wmv
-Lightning Coin Vanish.wmv
-Mind Reach.wmv
-Read Minds.wmv
-Sponge Ball Vanish.wmv
-Ultimate French Drop.wmv
-Wave the Aces.wmv
-World's Fastest Card Trick.wmv

Powering Up
Daniel Garcia - Project.avi
Edge - Kevin Parker.wmv

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